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How to organize your iOS home screen like a pro

How To Organize Your IOS Home Screen Like A Pro
How To Organize Your IOS Home Screen Like A Pro

Are you tired of scrolling through multiple pages of apps on your iPhone or iPad? Do you envy those who seem to have their home screens organized with precision and efficiency? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll show you how to organize your iOS home screen like a pro, so you can find your apps quickly and maximize your productivity.

1. Clean up the clutter

The first step to organizing your iOS home screen like a pro is to clean up the clutter. Take a look at your current home screen and ask yourself, “Do I really need all these apps?” Chances are, there are several apps that you rarely use or no longer need. Delete them by pressing and holding the app icon until it starts shaking, then tap the “x” button.

2. Categorize your apps

Now that you’ve cleared out the unnecessary apps, it’s time to categorize the ones you want to keep. Create folders to group similar apps together. For example, you can have a folder for social media apps, another for productivity tools, and so on. To create a folder, simply drag one app icon onto another, and iOS will automatically create a folder for you.

3. Prioritize your most-used apps

Do you find yourself constantly searching for certain apps on your home screen? Make your life easier by prioritizing your most-used apps. Move them to the first page of your home screen or place them in the dock at the bottom of your screen for quick access. This way, you won’t have to swipe through multiple pages or folders to find them.

4. Utilize the Today View widgets

Take advantage of the Today View widgets to access important information and quick actions without even unlocking your device. Swipe right from your home screen to access the Today View, and customize it by tapping “Edit” at the bottom. Add widgets like Weather, Calendar, Notes, and more to stay updated and productive with just a glance.

5. Customize your app icons

Add a personal touch to your home screen by customizing your app icons. iOS 14 allows you to change the appearance of app icons using the Shortcuts app. You can choose from a variety of icon styles and even create your own. While this doesn’t necessarily improve organization, it can make your home screen look more aesthetically pleasing and unique.

6. Use Siri Suggestions

iOS has a great feature called Siri Suggestions that can help you find the app you need quickly. Swipe down on your home screen to access the search bar, and you’ll see a list of suggested apps based on your usage patterns. This can be especially handy if you have a lot of apps or if you frequently switch between apps for different tasks.

7. Take advantage of app folders

If you have a large number of apps, even after decluttering, it’s a good idea to make use of app folders. Instead of having multiple pages of apps, you can have a few pages with folders that contain several related apps. This way, you can reduce the number of pages you need to swipe through and easily find the app you’re looking for within its respective folder.

By following these tips, you can organize your iOS home screen like a pro and make your device more efficient and user-friendly. Remember, the key is to declutter, categorize, and prioritize. So go ahead and give your home screen a makeover today!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency or organization. This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified professional before making any changes to your device’s settings or organization.

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