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OGYouTube Apk Download For Android – Latest Version

OGYouTube Apk: Every one of us loves to watch videos on YouTube either to entertain ourselves or to cut the time. Sometimes we like a few of the YouTube videos and want them on our Android device instantly, here we could see YouTube Offline but let’s just say it takes hell lot more time.

In this guide, I found a new YouTube Video downloader, OGYouTube which can download YouTube videos in any of the given resolutions, different video and audio formats as well. I can surely tell this that you are going to love this app, all its features, and most importantly how well it works.

ogyouyube apk download

Another good thing about this app, it is expandable and can be installed with ease, at the same time we can uninstall it without any problem.

Streaming what’s trending on YouTube might seem boring, why don’t you consider downloading all those trending videos? well OGYouTube has an option to download full playlist at a single time. So, just select a playlist from a channel or link and click on save option to download all those videos continuously.

About OGYouTube Apk

OGYouTube App is the same YouTube app by Google Inc but with modded features. Mod means including different features in the default app to make it smarter, better and easy to access. In this case OSGhareeb an Android mod expert has developed OGYouTube Downloader which has many features that can come in handy.

ogyoutube latest version download

Some features that has been added are Popup Playback, download videos from the app directly. I guess you might find it odd that it’s the same Google YouTube app but with a download option. But believe me guys, this app is really efficient and works like charm in downloading YouTube Videos in different quality and formats.

The app has so many better features that you will surely love to use it in your daily life. And one of the amazing parts is that OGYouTube Apk is free to download. All we can say is that OGYouTube is one of the exceptional YouTube video downloading app and the best part is that we can download it for free of cost as well.

OGYouTube App Unique & Latest Features

Though I have put some of the app features above but none of them are in detail and this might buzz you around. So, I thought of adding the list of features in details that makes OGYouTube better than other YouTube Download apps for Android.

ogyouyube apk download
  • The app allows you to make multiple downloads
  • You can watch and play videos on background
  • It even allows you to play Popup windows videos
  • Best part is the download button below every video
  • You can download video in MP3 format directly
  • Allows you to download Video subtitles as well
  • You can play and stream videos in all qualities
  • Next is you can download Video in any quality as well
  • Simple interface similar to Official YouTube app

OGYouTube Apk Download For Android – Latest Version!

  • Name: OGYouTube
  • Category : Tools
  • Installs: 100,000+
  • Version: v13.6
  • Os Requires : Android 4.0+

The best thing this app is that it is very simple, with great user interface and less functionality. Every video has a “Download” button below them which can be used to download that video in different formats.

If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, then I am sure you have missed huge chances to download your favorite videos on YouTube so easily.

YouTube Latest MOD Apk Download

So from now if you like any YouTube video, then just open this app, either search for the song or just paste the link in the app. Now the app has an inbuilt browser or say video player which will play the video for us.

There are many alternative YouTube video downloader apps like Vidmate, Videoder but I’ve found YouTube to be a very simple application and has no advertisement which is great. It can also play YouTube videos on background just like the official YouTube app, plus you don’t even have to sign in or signup

Download OGYoutube

I guess we have talked much about the OGYouTube Apk interface and all features which are truly amazing.

So let me just guide to the second part of this guide where you will find the download procedure to install OGYouTube Apk latest version on your Android Smartphone.

OGYouTube Apk Requirements

Well you might have some questions regarding this app requirements and can I run it on my android device. So, I would say you have to least bother about the system requirements but just make sure to see below requirements.

  • Android OS 4.1+ Jelly Bean or more
  • Internet Connection/Data or Wi-Fi to download videos

These are the only two requirements for the app to run on your Smartphone


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Download OGYouTube Apk For Android 2020

So now we will get into the guide to download OGYouTube Apk for your Android device. The below steps are simply instructed to show how you can download and install OGYouTube with ease.

So, just follow the below instructions carefully.

  • The first and foremost step is to download OGYouTube Apk from Download Button Below
  • Now you need to save the APK file to your Android SD Card
  • In third step, open your device >SD Card>> and double tap on the app
  • Then the app will show a popup, you need to tap on “Install Now” button
  • But you also have to check “Unknown Sources” option from settings before all
  • Now the app will begin to install and will be done in less than a span of minute
  • Finally we have installed OGYouTube Apk for Android successfully!

Download OGYoutube

So now you will find it easy to stream, watch and download YouTube videos not only in high resolution but in different audio, video formats as well. This app is a little easy than the normal YouTube App and we can use it as a reliable way of streaming, browsing and downloading YouTube videos.

If you’ve had any problem while following the above steps, then please post the queries below. And also share this guide with your friends online.

OGYouTube FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to the app. I have answered them below, so that you can grab a bite of very detail on how to use this app.

Can I uninstall OGYouTube?

Yes, you can uninstall OGYouTube similar to the process of uninstalling any other Android app or game. Moreover the installation of OGYouTube does not effect your YouTube official client which makes it easy for users to use both the apps without any issues.

How can I update OGYouTube?

Well you can always use the update option under the app settings, which will help you to update the app easily. But another way of doing it by using the latest OGYouTube Apk which we can find on our blog easily.

YouTube PlayBack?

You have to enable Background Playback from settings option, because it is set to off by default on all devise

Tap back twice to exit video

OGYouTube supports ART?

Well it supports ART

But for time being you cannot log in to your Google account and use the Download option at the same time. It will cause error and download might now work properly, so try to log out and then use the features as always.

Why OGYouTube?

Even though we have so many YouTube video download app, OGYouTube serves the best because it gives you a default YouTube app interface while other app doesn’t.

Thank you my friends for spending your time to read this guide about OGYouTube Review. If you like this guide, make sure you post your feedback below and also share this wonderful guide online.

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