LG 24MK600M Review Freesync Monitor For Home & Office

If you are looking for a new affordable yet advanced monitor system, this LG 24MK600M review will help you meet something like that for your professional or entertainment needs.

Whenever someone buys a new monitor or TV for their professional and entertainment use, LG never fails to be on their desired list. This LG 24MK600M monitor is also that kind of product from the tech giant.

As with most of the products this Korean tech giant release in the market, this monitor also assures quality in the visuals of whatever that you are watching in it.

Besides, the 24-inch display can be considered as a large screen that gives lots of surface area without taking much of your working space. This model also comes with different cheaper variants at different price ranges.

However, this LG 24MK600M itself is one of the most affordable 24-inch monitors available in the market. After all, this model competes with some of the pricy and best monitors available.

Many designers and established professionals recommend this product as a choice when considering to buy a new monitor for whatever the purpose is.

If you are interested in a new monitor then giving it a chance, maybe the best decision you made on this topic. So, this review may help you find out more about it.

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LG 24MK600M Review 

lg 24mk600m


This 24-inch LG monitor comes with all the advanced features that you may expect in any high-end monitors.

LG 24MK600M has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 in Full HD with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Besides, the IPS panel has a refresh rate of 75Hz with a response time of 4 ms.

Besides, the Contrast ratio is 1000:1 and is static with a brightness level of 250 cd/m. It is equipped with two built-in speakers that are each 1 watt.

However, there are some limitations in the case of the stand that comes with this product because of the fewer possibilities of movements it provides. It cannot make any height adjustments with a stand.

But tilting of the stand is possible, and the monitor has a VESA compatibility of 100 x 100.

All the ports are available, including HDMI 1.4 x 2, VGA x 1, 5mm Jack x 1. Besides, the monitor’s dimensions are 21.22″, 16.35″, 7.17″ that weighs 6.83lbs.

Design and Special Features of LG 24MK600M

This is a 24-inch display that has an immaculate and futuristic look to it. It has matte black colored high-quality plastic body material which gives a very cool look to it.

It uses a plastic body cover but is very hard and manufactured with extra care that makes it durable and strong. Edges and seams are perfectly clean. Even though a small wobble is there because of the stand.

But it can be eliminated by using an aftermarket monitor stand. The screen looks borderless because of the fragile line of bezels used on the three sides of the display, which gives more workspace area.

You may not find all those premium features found in premium level monitors, but when comparing them with it according to the price tag with which it comes, this has all the basic advancement that you seek for.

All the onscreen controls are available so that you can control everything happening with the screen easily and not getting messy with the use of pesky buttons or controls that are available on the physical end of the device.

It is a great help for those users who need to change between different screen configurations like color brightness, contrast, etc.

Moreover, using a wall mount stand or any aftermarket stand with the screw holes can make the monitor more sturdy compared with the stock stand that it comes with.

With all the specialties that this device is equipped with, you can make it your companion even for high-end gaming that needs an all-time active display without any color lags.

It does not have the DisplayPort that is becoming the new normal with the latest video cards. Instead, it only has dual HDMI 1.4 slots and VGA, which is disappearing from most modern devices.

Beyond all, this LG 24MK600M does not have any built-in speakers or USB ports for external inputs or outputs. But it will never bother those who depend on it as a screen for their computer system.

Display and Quality Features of LG 24MK600M

This monitor has an IPS panel of 24-inch that has a refresh rate of 75Hz at a response time of 5ms. All the other specs of this IPS panel may not stand up with many of the premium models.

But it becomes suitable for any kind of work, including gaming, because of the little extra in this IPS panel’s refresh rate. And at a budget like this, it is better than many of the competitors.

Whether it’s work or play, this LG 24MK600M will be an excellent device for your daily use with the 1080p resolution provides by the well-balanced pixel configuration.

However, if you are looking for a display that provides you spot-on color accuracy, it may not be the one for you because of the over-contrast cases with colors like red and blue.

Besides, a little adjustment and calibration have to be done when setting up this monitor, unlike other LG monitors that come all ready to be plugged and played.

The panel structure is fixed perfectly, and the Freesync gaming system has a range from 48Hz to 75Hz of refresh rate give you the smoothest gaming experience at a low budget.

Keeping all the display settings at a medium level intensity will help the life of the monitor, and the vibrant colors will not get irritating while in overtime uses.

Because of this display’s color intensity, it can show tiny details on the visuals even in the darkest regions in the display.

  • It has a very futuristic design that has very thin bezels that almost seem like a borderless screen.
  • Vibrant colors and lots of options to customize and enjoy visuals according to your preferences
  • The built-quality is very good, and the plastic body makes it lightweight.
  • FreeSync technology and the headroom in the refresh rate gives you a visual experience without any stammering or missing pixels.
  • This monitor is not made of any premium level materials instead uses hard plastic.
  • The stock stand comes with this monitor has no much adjustments to make it the way you want.
  • A small wobbling has to be left unnoticed because you cant ask for a device with better quality than this in this price tag.


Here in this LG 24MK600M review mentioned all the specs and features of this budget level monitor that can be used for any kind of visual purposes.

It has everything that makes the monitor futuristic without spending a lot of money on a premium product if you are looking towards cutting out the expenses.

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