LeonFlix Download For PC Windows, Mac, Raspbian, Linux 2020

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Leonflix: Streaming shows and movies become easy when you choose the right app and device. So, Leonflix is one such application which is a desktop-based platform to stream your content such as movies and shows.

It is a media search tool that aims to extract content online from different hosted files from video streaming platforms.

Here, you get an option like to openly stream from URL or Magnet links such as a torrent file. Moreover, you get various pieces of entertainment content from multiple genres like action, adventure, crime, documentary, comedy, horror, and even more.

Additionally, you don’t have to register yourself to watch any videos.

Best Features of Leonflix

Movies and Shows

You can download and watch as many movies and shows of your choice without any interruption. You may also save them in your bookmark tab and watch on later. Also, you can search for your desired video and get in one click of your mouse.

No Ads

You must have been seen many ads running in several apps, but Leonflix is ad-free, which means no annoying pop-ups will you get. While watching any movie or show, you will not see a single ad running in-between content—one of the best parts of this app to make users fall in love.


Leonflix allows you to stream not only entertainment piece of content but also it gives an option to fetch direct streaming from Torrent or Magnet links. Also, you can easily access to https URL.


Modules are add-ons that you can add by yourself to make your watch experience much better. You can add the modules easily by going to the modules section. Additionally, you get options to embed, install, and delete.


Leonflix is available on many platforms like PC Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspbian but not on android till now. If you want apps that run and supported for android you can choose Cyberflix TV, Popcorn Time for watching movies, and TV shows.

Social Watch

Now, you can watch tv shows and movies with person to person by creating a watch room. For using this feature, you need to enter a room name and username, and then you are good to go. You can invite your friends and family members to have more fun and joy.

Key Controls

As it is windows based application software so you can even use the keybindings from the settings option. When you head over to the keybindings section, you will see a table of shortcut keys for easy controls. Just like famous video players like VLC.

Video Player

Here, you can even change the video player for streaming like VLC, but this will only take place when a valid source is available for scarping content. Not all the videos can be run through VLC players due to specific request headers.


Yes, you heard it right. There are memes available for fun and enjoyment for users while streaming. While loading screen memes are being shown so that at that particular time, users can read and laugh. If you don’t like memes, then you can disable it from the video setting option.

Leonflix Download For PC Windows, Mac, Raspbian, Linux

Leonflix For PC Windows

Finding a free, suitable application for PC is not as easy as it looks for watching movies and tv shows. Even you find apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and you need to pay a monthly subscription to carry on your entertainment life. So, Leonflix for PC is the best app for PC users who always wanted to stream videos from their PC.

You get a lot to watch on the leonflix app without any hassle and setup. The application has got various categories and lots of videos on their database, and it keeps updated accordingly so that users can all the latest stuff.

It’s purely desktop version application where the installation part is easy with just some mouse clicks. The best part of this application is that a lot of features are embedded, which makes it a unique and safe app to use.

How To Install Leonflix On Windows PC?

Here are some steps for downloading leonflix for PC windows. All the steps are tried and tested on various versions of windows. So, please follow the steps as per written, and you will good to go without any trouble.

Note: It is available both for 32 as well 64 bit. So, users don’t be confused.

  • You need to download the file .exe for windows from here.
  • Then install the desired file from your download location.
  • Make sure you run as administrator with right-click with your mouse.
  • A dialog box will appear, and installing process will begin.
  • Follow the steps by clicking on the Next button.
  • Hurray! You completed the process of installtion of Leonflix on PC.

A shortcut icon will be created on your desktop. From there, you can open the app and start watching your favorite shows and movies.

Leonflix Apk Download | Leonflix For Android

Don’t be a Fool 

There is no official announcement for Leonflix for android, so stop being fooled by the website who are claiming that you can download for android smartphone.

Make sure you do not download Leonflix apk from any website that shows an apk file for android version. It may contain malware and destroy your android smartphone system.

For now, Leonflix is only and only available for Desktop, Mac, Linux, Raspbian. If the developers Leonflix apk for android, then we will update the post with Leonflix download for android. But for now, you can not use it on an android phone.


Here we have covered the most frequently asked questions asked by many users for Leonflix. If you still have any queries after reading faqs, then you may comment on us with your query to know the solution.

Can I get Leonflix for free?

Yes, you can easily Download Leonflix for free. They do not ask any fees or registration or ads.

Why is Leonflix not able to find any sources?

The answer to this question is simple. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) must be blocking your modules for a reason. So, you can go for additional modules to install on Leonflix, or you can use a VPN to stream anonymously.

It was taking too much time to load the video!

You can change the video source from the Current option Source. Also, you can do it by the New Source button from the top-right of the screen.

Can I get Leonflix for Android?

No, there is no official version for android from developers.


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