7 Best Note Counting Machine Company in India

If you are a businessman who handles bundles of money as different transactions, you may have to know about the best note counting machine company in India.

It is essential when it comes to continuous money travel, which needs high accuracy on every penny that comes and goes from your hand.

In that case, using a note counting machine is the best way and the fastest way to count all your money and record it.

These machines are helpful in different circumstances of a money counting procedure. Takes away a big load of manual work with hand and makes it easy by giving the accurate amount as output.

Back in the days, these machines were only seen in banks and big corporate offices. Now it is different that people started using it even for their personal household needs.

As you know, most of the people don’t even have the money that needs a machine to count for them, but for some, it is a luxury and for another some, it helps with the big load of money they encounter regularly.

Even though these money counting machines help your business transactions, many people don’t realize it.

Their inhibitory thoughts say that these machines are highly expensive, or they may become another useless junk on their office desks. But the possibilities that these machines offer is all the way helpful for your business.

So, here are some of the best currency counting machines and the brands in India for you.

Best Currency Counting Machines



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Gobbler 8888-E
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Stok ST-MC05
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Gobbler PX5388
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Godrej Crusader Lite
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1. Swaggers Currency Counting Machine

Swaggers Currency Counting MachineSwaggers is considered as one of the best note counting machine company in India because of the quality of the machines they make.

And this product from Swaggers is considered one of the best currency counting machines in the industry for many reasons.

First of all, it is equipped with the most advanced technology level that can count all currencies that include old and new currencies.

That includes the ability to count for all denominations like 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 2000 INR notes. Besides, this machine’s counting speed is also fast that it can count 1000 note pieces in a minute.

Moreover, it has all the features like any other counting machines that include Ultraviolet and Magnetic Infrared technologies to detect the fake ones from a bundle of notes with ease.

It has a hopper capacity of 200 pieces of note at a time, and the stacker capacity is also the same 200 pieces.

All these come with another important ability that is unavoidable in a currency counting machine, which is the half note detection and double note.

All the functions in this Swagger money counting machine include Automatic start, stop, clearing, with batching, adding, and self-examination functions.

  • It is equipped with advanced level technology.
  • Ultraviolet and other magnetic infrared rays are used for detecting all kinds of notes.
  • It can count both old and new notes of all amounts
  • It does not have battery options so mobility of the device wherever you go may become hard

2. Gobbler 8888-E Mix Note Counting Machine

Gobbler 8888-E Mix Note Counting MachineThis one is considered as an automatic and the best currency counting machine from the Gobbler brand.

It utilizes an Advanced Japanese Sensor for Accurate Counting of Mix Notes of all denominations. INR ₹10 ₹20 ₹50 ₹100 ₹200 ₹500 and ₹2000.

Ascertains total value of mix notes of all groups together and shows the number of notes of every division.

Shading Changing LCD Display. LCD Display Turns Red each time a Non-Genuine Note is Detected.

Progressed Counterfeit Detection with UV/MG/IR/MT which makes it difficult to miss any phony notes. All fake notes will be detected, and the half notes will not be counted.

You can insert up to 200 notes at a time, and there is a function in it to add all the repeated rounds of counting different bundles of currency.

Even though you have to give good care when using different kinds of notes. It is always best to count the same type of notes together to make it less confusing for the machine.

This machine can give you all the needed output from a count, such as the total count of mixed notes and the total sum of the mixed notes along with the individual count of each type of note.

Moreover, the price is meager when compared to the price range of many other mixed note counting machines available in the market.

  • It can show the total count of mixed notes.
  • It displays the total sum of the notes.
  • Individual count of each type of note can be obtained.
  • Very affordable when compared to other competitors
  • The fast counting sometimes makes you confused and results in running the count again
  • 100% accuracy cannot be assured in any of these devices comes at an affordable price range

3. Stok ST-MC05 Note Counting Machine

Stok ST-MC05 Note Counting Machine


Another one in the list of best cash counting machine is this cool looking product from Stok. It has three powerful methods of detecting fake and faulty notes.

It has ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared methods to detect notes and give outputs. Besides, all these can be done simultaneously or separately without compromising the accuracy of the outcome.

The company guarantees a precise outcome for all the workload you give into it. However, the machine only counts the number of notes, and it never counts the denomination.

All the counting machine features include counting of old and new denominations of INR 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 2000 alongside the detection of fake or counterfeit notes.

Moreover, this machine can be used for other currencies like the Euro, USD, and an LCD. All the outputs are delivered to you through an easy-to-read LED screen.

All operations, like changing modes and tracking note counts, become easier. And the external display is helpful to the person for which you are counting the money.

Beyond all, this machine can count up to a thousand pieces of note in a minute, and the manufacturer guarantees that there is only 1 in 1,000,000 chance of missing counterfeit currencies from the bundle of notes.

Besides, the hopper and stacker capacity of this Stok product is 200 pieces at a time.

  • This product works well for both old and new currencies.
  • Accurate fake currency detection is possible.
  • All three methods of detecting technologies are equipped in it.
  • The compact size and weight makes it easier for portability
  • The device is not chargeable to use it in remote mode. It needs a power pin to get into working mode.

4. KROSS Note Counting Machine

KROSS Note Counting Machine

This one is another premium product from a trusted brand named Kross that is in the list of best note counting machine companies in India.

Whichever note you have doesn't matter. It will accurately count and give you a precise result. The list of notes that it can work with includes INR 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 2000.

Along with it also take all other notes in legal tender. This comes with all the advanced technological features that you look for in a currency counting machine for different detection and counting needs.

Like most of the products, this one also has ultraviolet, magnetic, infrared, and MT technologies in it to find the fake notes from the note bundle.

Other features of this machine include the manual counting, batching, and adding that help you add all the different rounds you did with different bundles of note in the machine.

And that makes it easier to find out the total sum and reduces the stress that happens through a long calculation section.

Moreover, an intelligent fake note detection technique is used for the machine that will stop the counting whenever it finds a faulty note in the group of notes you served into the machine.

Beyond everything, this product is a cool but sturdy-looking machine that will provide both good help and a well-maintained personality, including the workplace.

  • Assured accuracy in the counting results from the machine
  • All advanced technologies are available for the detection and counting of notes.
  • High quality and robust build that also has a cool design
  • It cannot count two different types of notes in one round

5. Gobbler PX5388 Business-Grade Note Counting Machine

Gobbler PX5388 Business-Grade Note Counting MachineGobbler made this note counting machine different from another machine of their mentioned in this article with little more quality that is best for your business-related purposes.

It can count old and new currencies of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 2000 with ease and accuracy as an advanced level product. Counting semi value function is also available in this machine.

However, the machine is not as intelligent as to classify the difference between different denominations' notes.

So, you have to manually enter the denomination of notes yourself before inserting all notes of that denomination together.

All the technologies, including ultraviolet, magnet, infrared, and  MT, are equipped not to leave any of the notes unnoticed.

The machine may also say that it is a fake note for damaged or very old notes in critical condition.

It is also a heavy-duty machine that will indicate you through an LED red light when it finds a fake note in the counting bundle. An additional display is also available in the machine.

That extra display will help the customer for which you are counting the money to see the output through it. There is a hidden handle for the machine that will become helpful if you want to transport the machine.

Even though it is not portable or anything, this needs a power plug to work with electricity.

  • It can count old and new currencies with accuracy.
  • Can take a heavy load of work
  • Special displays are available for customers.
  • Indicator lights are available for fake notes and other features
  • This machine is not chargeable or portable.

6. Ooze Note Counting Machine

Ooze Note Counting MachineAnother best note counting machine is from the Ooze brand in which the machine comes with all the normal functions that you can expect in any advanced level currency counters.

It has ultraviolet and magnetic ray technologies that help detect fake notes and half notes with ease by reading the special sections of a note.

You can do different sections of counting with different note bundles and add and get the sum of the whole count you did with the automatic batching and add functions available in this product.

Besides, there are LED indicators to let you know the different counting conditions and if any fake notes have been detected.

Half note detection is also straightforward and is automatic with this machine. It works in a voltage configuration of 110V at 50~60Hz.

This is a classic looking machine that comes with an extra display to show the person for whom you are counting the money. Besides, the other display can be placed according to your preference.

The watermark sensor is equipped in this device to find out even the tiniest details that give the light towards finding a fake note.

  • Ultraviolet and magnetic technologies are equipped for note detection.
  • The counting of notes is at a very high speed.
  • Works perfectly on fake notes and half notes and any other kind of faulty notes
  • The device is bigger and heavier.
  • Portability is also not an option because of the

7. Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counting Machine

Godrej Crusader Lite Note Counting MachineThis Godrej product is another best currency counting machine with a cool design and a sturdy material. It might be the expensive one when compared with all others on the list.

But it deserves a little more than any of these machines deserves in the list because of the total quality and look it gives at this price range.

After all, it is from a well-known brand through which people have been getting high-quality products for the past few decades.

It has a premium feel to it even from the first look and has all the advanced technology that will help you count the money in the bundle and help you from going on with fake or faulty notes in it.

A big TFT screen display will show all the outputs you need with precision with all the technological advantages, including ultraviolet, magnetic, and infra-red detection methods.

Moreover, the design in which it is built will hold the money fly away from the machine because of its speed while counting.

Besides, the display mounted on the machine's top pocket is both foldable and rotatable that will help both you and the customer see the result clearly from any side you are sitting.

  • It is from a well-known and trusted brand
  • Includes all the advanced methods of detecting the fake and faulty notes
  • A very sturdy and cool look that gives you the confidence to use it
  • A little expensive compared to the other models from the list
  • Portability is possible if only you can find out a power outlet at the destination point.

Buyer's Guide For Best Currency Counting Machine

Before you finalize the decision on a note counting machine you see in the market, you have to consider different things to get the best device that will take care of the counting needs you have.

Consider the following things before buying a currency counting machine for your business.

Size and Weight of the Machine

The size and weight have an important role in making a note counting machine best for you.

If you are working in a congested office space, you will have to get a smaller note counting machine for proper space management.

Or otherwise, if you are a constant traveler and need to carry your counter with you, it is important to go with a lightweight machine.

However, there are many best currency counting machines and brands out there from which you can choose the best one for you.

Speed of the Counting Machine

Speed has a crucial role in a note counting machine in between faster transactions and time taking jobs.

You have to get a machine that can count money with precision at high speed. Because even if not have that much money to count at high speed, taking much time will start bugging you after a while using anything you own.

After all, it is not possible to count whole your money in one round, so you have to part it into different bundles and count it differently, so in a slow machine, it will become harder than counting the money yourself.

The capacity of the Machine

Going for a machine with a bigger hopper capacity is always good for your work's time management.

Through which the machine can count more notes in one round, and that will reduce the number of rounds you have to repeat the process.

Front-loaded hoppers mostly seem with more capacity than the ones with backloaded hoppers.

The Type of Currency You Use

If you are running an international business, it is important to have a note counting machine that can count different currencies from different regions.

Otherwise, you may be pressured to buy a different counting machine for each of the currencies that you will encounter throughout your business.

Besides, getting a machine that can count mixed denomination value can automatically detect all currencies without any extra work.

Detection of Fake Notes

It is important to have a machine that can detect counterfeit or fake notes because it is impossible to differentiate between the fake and original notes, especially when you are in your busy office.

So, it would be best if you went for the machine that can count different currencies stacked in different values mixed with fake notes. This way is the best you can do to make the workflow efficient.


In this article, you saw some of the best note counting machine companies in India and its products. Selecting the best one from a list may be hard for you.

So, go through the list of things that are covered in this article before going for a machine to the store or on an online platform.

Whichever product you buy, it has to fulfill all your counting needs, so making a decision is not important than taking it wisely.

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