10 Best Monitor Under 10000 In India

If you are here, you may be looking for the best monitor under 10000. There is a large number of monitors manufactured as different models from different brands.

Some of them come with an affordable price that causes a quality decrease. But there are monitor models available that will not cost you a big load of money but gives you the best quality.

However, the monitors are selected according to the real need of the person who is buying it. It is because every job is different, and all of them have different requirements.

As an example, if you are a graphic designer or an architect, then you know you have to get a monitor that will give you the best pixel and color quality.

On the other hand, if you are an engineer who is only looking for a monitor that has to be placed as a sidekick monitor for your main monitor for help in program coding, the situation is different.

In that kind of needs, you can go for a more affordable monitor that will satisfy your needs. So, here are some of the best monitors for you that are available in the market comes under 10000.

1. HP Ultra-Slim Full HD Monitor

This Ultra-Slim Full HD monitor from HP is considered as the best monitor under 10000 because of the features it comes with.

You will get a color-rich panoramic view with the 178-degree ultra-wide display that features the IPS technology. The slim screen gives more space on your desk.

The super-thin screen gives you sufficient space around your work area to remodel your space any way you like. Also, the display has an infinity feel with the micro-edge bezels on the three sides.

Additionally, Every little detail of your creation springs up on the super widescreen with the least space committed to the bezel on each of the three sides. That sure is a creator’s dream throughout everyday life.

VGA and HDMI ports for you to associate with all versatile drives in a flick of time. Along these lines, no compelling reason to get catches by those additional cables every day.

Beyond all, it reduces the strain on your eyes for long time use. Presently you can simply mollify the blue shade of your screen with the ‘Low Blue Light’ mode that normally moves the tints from the brilliant blue light to a hotter range.

Drench yourself in encountering the genuineness of what’s on your screen with the outstanding goal of 1920 x 1080 px at the pace of 60 Hz, at an agreeable cost.


  • An affordable price tag with advanced features
  • Ultra-wide screen with thin bezels on three sides gives an infinity feel
  • Al necessary ports are available for all your audio and video needs


  • The device has no options to mount it on a wall.

2. BenQ GW2480 Eye Care Monitor

If you are looking for a monitor that gives good care of your eye, then it is the best monitor under 10000, which looks stylish and also has everything you needed.

A normal 23.8-inch monitor that comes with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with an edge-edge IPS panel gives you a smooth visual experience throughout the computing.

It has all kinds of ports you may need in a PC setup that includes a VGA port, Display Port, Audio-in port, Headphone jack, and is equipped with two high-quality speakers for your basic audio needs.

So, you can have more space on your desk instead of using extra speakers if you are not a person who is looking for surrounding level audio systems.

After all, the display has a refresh rate of 60 Hz with a response time of 5 ms and a viewing angle of 178 degrees on both vertical and horizontal views.

The screen comes with a flicker-free technology that gives you the best quality visuals without any stammering in pixels along with the low blue-light technology that creates less radiation.

Blue light from the monitors is the main cause of major irritations and eye problems for many overtime computer users.

Moreover, the built quality of this monitor is very much satisfying, and with all these features at a low price tag is very much appreciated.


  • IPS wide viewing angle gives the best and effortless experience
  • Equipped with a blue light reducing technology which is best for eye-care
  • Scratch resisting texture gives a luxurious look and protection
  • The stand is made with an ability to hide all the cables


  • A small lag could be experienced for high-end gameplay.

3. BenQ GW2283 LED Backlit Monitor

This monitor in the list of best monitors under 10000 is another affordable product from BenQ. It is equipped with some of the best specifications.

It is a little more affordable than the GW2480 model mentioned in the list cause of the reduced screen size of the 21.5-inch display.

This stylish monitor comes with thin bezel on three sides to give an illusion of a smooth and limitless display and has a stand that will allow you to do the best cable management setup.

Besides, in this monitor, the dream combination of LED with the IPS panel is used for the best quality visuals that offer you the best visual experience in all your needs.

Truly authentic colors such as deeper black and higher contrast shadings are available in this monitor for the crystal clear images and sharper details.

Moreover, the user can simultaneously connect this monitor with two different devices with the two HDMI ports available in it.

Beyond everything, the Brightness Intelligence Technology will automatically detect the intensity of the outdoor light and will adjust the contrast and brightness according to the situation.

This will help to reduce eye strain happened because of the overtime usage of monitors to work or read. And it provides the most comfortable ambient light for your eyes.

It has a 178-degree viewing angle and has the ability to render 16.7 million color shades simultaneously. Beyond everything, Low Bluelight Technology takes away the eye fatigue and irritation from your eyes.


  • One of the most affordable monitors with the best specs
  • Low Bluelight Technology to help your eyes
  • Flicker-Free Technology eliminates all the vision damaging factors


  • Never expect an IPS panel at a level that saw on expensive monitors.

4. LG 22MP68VQ Full HD Monitor

This monitor is in the best monitors under 10000 comes from the renowned LG brand. LG is always best with the quality of its monitors and other devices.

Now, this monitor of model 22MP68VQ is also equipped with some of the best features that you can expect in an affordable but advanced level monitor.

Whichever angle you are looking at does not matter in this device, It will give the best, clear, and accurate color shading for all the visual needs.

It offers the best fluid moments throughout any high-resolution heavy-duty gaming or movies without any stammering or stuck-moments.

Moreover, the darker shading of all scenes are accurate black, and that gives you the best visibility in the dark areas in a scene you are watching.

Beyond everything, your productivity can be increased because of LG’s 4 screen split setup that will allow you to split the screen into four different displays and can resize it according to your works.

This monitor comes with a thin bezel on three sides of the device that gives you a borderless infinity feel with the visual needs you are using it for.

A screw system, along with the stand mount system, is also provided in this monitor to be hanged on the wall to make it safe or making it useful in any circumstances.


  • An affordable price tag with advanced technical advantages
  • AMD Free Sync for smooth visuals
  • The black stabilizer will make the dark areas on the screen more visible and useful


  • Horizontal swiveling is not possible with the monitor.

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5. Lenovo L24e-20 LED Monitor

Another best monitor under 10000 from LG that is slightly bigger than the 22MP68VQ monitor. The 1920 x 1080 resolution display gives the Full HD experience.

The wide-angle viewpoint of 178 degrees takes away the stress off your neck and eyes along with the offer of best quality visuals in which you can watch everything the way that all are meant to be.

Besides, the thin 2mm bezel on the three sides of the monitor is helpful for the screen saving technique of the device, especially when you use the multiple screens at a time.

The flexible availability choices, for example, HDMI and VGA ports, empower you to interface with your media player or workstations easily.

Plugin your sound framework in the sound out port to advance your video watching experience.

The 4ms reaction time lessens movement obscure with its high invigorate rate and includes a visual punch when you are in your games.

Besides, the AMD FreeSync innovation dispenses with streaking and ghosting to give you a smooth gaming experience.

It has a response time of 4 mins that gives you one of the quickest monitors that are available in the market at an affordable price range.

After all, with all the input and output features that are available in the device, this will be the best companion for you in all your visual needs.


  • Screen to body ratio of this monitor is 90%
  • Accurate color shading is assured in all visual circumstances
  • The best viewing angles are possible
  • Goes up to 75Hz even with FreeSync off


  • Only has a single HDMI port, so multiple connectivities are not possible
  • Basic stand and height adjustments

6. Samsung C24F390 Curved LED Monitor

Another promising brand with another promising monitor is all that makes this curved monitor is the best monitor under 10000.

If you are looking for an affordable monitor with a curved design, then this one will satisfy your need. Besides, the thin bezel on all sides also gives it a modern look.

The 1800R bend of the screen gives a genuinely vivid survey experience that lets you appreciate large, striking, and shocking all-encompassing perspectives while you work or play.

Including a super thin and smooth profile, the Samsung CF390 screen gauges under 0.5inch thick. Offer a polished expression while remaining beneficial with the 24-inch bent screen.

AMD FreeSync innovation permits viewers to appreciate smooth pictures, in any event, even during the quickest moving scenes. It limits input inactivity and drastically lessens picture tearing and stammer during gaming.

Eye Saver Mode advances your survey comfort by diminishing blue light discharges and glints at the bit of a catch.

Read, play games, watch motion pictures, alter photographs for extensive stretches of time, and experience a comfortable and satisfying perspective, without agonizing over eye strain or weariness.

The Eco-Saving Plus feature diminishes screen splendor to spare force, in addition to the screen brilliance consequently advances smoothly – decreasing energy utilization significantly more.


  • Deep blacks give the best and accurate darkness on the spot that it matters
  • The curved screen gives a more comfortable viewpoint
  • Eco-saving features are available in this model


  • The curve makes some colors seem to be a little different because of the viewing angle
  • Small backlight bleedings should be expected

7. AOC 24B1XHS LED Monitor

Are you looking for a monitor under 10000 that comes with the maximum possible thinnest bezel on it? Then this AOC model monitor is the one for you.

It will surely satisfy your limitless screen love up to an extent. Besides, it can be described as one device that comes with a minimalist yet modern look with a star model stand.

This 1920 x 1080 resolution display gives the best visual experience for you at any circumstance. Besides, it ensures smooth performance.

Whatever thing you are doing with it, it ensures the accurate color shading along with smooth viewing experience even at the quickest moving scenes of the games or videos.

Experience dynamic, amazingly clear tones with Samsung’s Active Crystal Color innovation.

The superb 3000:1 differentiation proportion conveys profound blacks and splendid whites, so you can unmistakably observe even in the most obscure or most brilliant scene.

Offer a jazzy expression while remaining beneficial with the 24-inch ultra-slim and sleek screen. The star designed stand will add an advanced look to your space.

With its 4ms reaction time, you’ll see the quickest on-screen movement obviously and easily with less movement obscure, judder, and ghosting.

The quick reaction time gives a consistent visual, permitting players to encounter their games at the most significant level.


  • Great picture quality is assured in this monitor
  • Lightweight and fortunately, a VESA compatible monitor
  • This is a monitor with an LCD IPS panel with an LED-backlit system


  • It does not have any speakers in-built into it
  • There is no wall mounting screw system is provided in this monitor

8. Acer Nitro VG240Y Full HD Monitor

Acer is one of those companies that always comes with the most affordable devices that carries advanced features in it.

On the other hand, it also makes the most advanced computer parts and laptops which are capable of doing any job you prefer.

Likewise, this 24-inch monitor from Acer is in the list of best monitors under 10000. This monitor is also built like all other devices mentioned above and below on the list.

The thin-bezel structure on the three sides of the screen makes the visuals limitless and gives you an immersive experience.

Besides, the thin bezels give more surface area on display for multitasking or more viewpoint during your gaming sections.

It offers the best visuals with the help of Full HD IPS with Radeon FreeSync that has a refresh rate of 75 Hz along with an outstanding 1ms visual response time boost.

That will make sure that none of your pixels are lost during the fast movements of colors and motions.

After all, an outstanding option list of Full HD1 to 4K1 is available for this display. The stand comes with this one is a three-pronged stand that gives a minimal look along with style.

Beyond everything, the monitor is equipped with a dual two-watt built-in speaker system that will satisfy all your basic audio output needs.

If you are not an audio enthusiast looking for the best surrounding boom-blasting sound system, then this will take care of your sound needs.


  • The 75 Hz refresh rate makes the fast pace movements look very smooth
  • More comfortable tilting angles are available for making the setting more comfortable for your neck
  • FreeSync prevent all the broken frames and provide artifact-free performance


  • No adjustable heights or sideways tilting are available with the stand and only have a minimum tilting to front and back.

9. Zebronics ZEB-A24FHD LED Monitor

Zebronics is a name that can’t be missed if you are familiar with technical devices. Because Zebronics manufacture almost everything in a computer other than the control unit.

Besides, it is also known for its affordable budget-line products. This monitor from the brand is luxurious in looks and modern with features.

It has a 60.4cm widescreen display that gives you the space for all your works in one place.

The monitor features an ultra-slim bezel and thin profile, it helps in reducing distractions and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Besides, the high definition multimedia interface makes the best loss-less transmission of signals for better audio and video quality throughout all your visual needs.

It is equipped with dual speakers for the in-built audio system that will give you the best audio output without the burden of another external speaker system.

Overall, it will give a fancy look for your desk setup without over designing with arrogant colors and strangled design ideas.

However, it is a device with advanced features that has a basic level of built-quality, along with basic features.

After all, if you are looking for a simple and not expensive monitor with all the basic features, then this one will satisfy your needs.


  • Good image and color quality at this price
  • fancy yet simple looking design
  • thin-bezel set up on three sides of the device


  • The speakers are pretty basic so never go for it if you have high expectations of audio

10. Dell E2418HN LED Monitor

If you are looking for the best monitor under 10000, then this normal looking LED monitor from Dell is best for you.

First of all, the built quality of this product is exceptional at a low price point and very satisfying image quality.

Useful in any circumstances with the wide viewing angle and the great quality make this monitor the best option.

All your business needs can be done without any compromise. That includes the ability to view all the spreadsheets and designs in this 23.8-inch widescreen.

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD that gives you a comfortable angle that will take away the strain and stress from your eyes.

Reduced blue light emission is another advantage of this display that also provides an accurate image from all the angles and sides of the monitor.

This can be your best companion if you are looking for the monitor to set up a lab system for your office all for your personal needs.

Easily accessible buttons are available for all the display customization, including brightness, contrast, and other preset modes.

You can mount this monitor in any way you prefer it to be with the options it available with.


  • A basic monitor that has a more reliable design for all the needs
  • Full HD clarity with the perfect viewing angle
  • Accurate colors are assured without any pixel loss even in high-speed video moments
  • Different mounting options make it versatile in every way possible
  • It is compatible with most of the computer systems in a plug and plays kind of mode


  • If you are looking for a more futuristic luxurious looking model, then it is not for you

Things to Consider When Looking for a Monitor – Best Monitor Under 10000

There are things you need to consider if you are looking for a new monitor for your computer setup. Otherwise, you may not like the device you spend your money on after arriving at home.

So, evaluate everything you need on a monitor before going to shop or order one. Here are some of the things that you need to look at before making the final decision.

Input and Output Ports

Input and output ports are important for the connectivity and the data transfer between different devices.

A monitor must contain HDMI and VGA ports on them. Some of the latest monitors may not have some old generation ports. Look for a monitor that has all the ports you needed.

Size of the Monitor

Selecting a monitor that can fit comfortably on your work or gaming desk is important because otherwise, the valuable thing bought will become a great burden.

Always go for a size that the display portion of the monitor stands inside the length of your desk. Besides, never buy a monitor spending more money for the big size if which you never needed for anything.

Resolution and Other Display Specifications

Select other display specifications like resolution, color shading, blue-light emission, high-definition modes, and other extra features that have to be considered according to your needs.

If you want to make the device affordable for you, then it is important to avoid monitors come with unwanted features. Because everything you have in your device is adding value and price to it.


Budget is one of the main things that are imperative to be taken care of before going for a new monitor.

Go for a device that gives you the money to buy the extra parts and other devices you have to add with your computer setup.

If you have the money to go on that luxurious road of monitors and other equipment, then it is your choice or needs.


Here are some of the best monitors that are available under 10000 and are very advanced in the case of specifications and features.

If you are looking for the best monitor for all your visual needs and not capable of spending a lot of money on a more modern working and looking monitor, then all these in this list are for you.

However, you have to consider all the circumstances that you may come across during the lifetime of the monitor that is going to be yours in a while.

Some of them listed in this does not have an option to mount them to wall clamps. For those, you may have to do some other risky things to make it possible.

At the same time, it is easier if you can buy a monitor that comes with an option to mount it on the wall. Usually, that is four holes for screws on the back of the device.

Likewise, there are a bunch of things that you need to consider. Go for the one that stands after the last point of your needs’ list. Remember, all these monitors are very affordable and a steal for you because of their specs.

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