12 Best CCTV Camera Brand in India

We help on-before going further into reading about the best CCTV camera brand in India. It is important to know the advantages of having a CCTV camera for yourself at your workplace or home.

The world does not have even the smallest level of innocence that it had before all these developments happened to it. Crimes happen as a normal thing that people didn’t even care about anymore, unlike before.

Besides, there is also no use in getting all emotional about everything after it happened. So, the thing is that you have to be ready and careful about a crime before it happens to you.

Whatever business you are doing or wherever you are living, you know what kind of crime is possible to happen to you or your assets. There are no other better options than installing a CCTV camera to decrease the chances of that happening.

Even if the crime happens, it will be solid evidence and the best possible way to determine the person who committed the crime. So, here are some of the best CCTV camera brands in India to get an idea about the best in the market for you.

You can go through the details on some of the top CCTV camera brands and select the right one for you.

After all, nowadays, there is no need for a technician to fit them for you unless you are using it on a large-scale security system.

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1. Mi 360° 1080p Full HD Smart Security Camera

Mi 360° 1080p Full HD Smart Security CameraMi is a Chinese company that was founded in April 2010, and Redmi is the sub-brand owned by the Chines electronic company Xiaomi for smartphones.

Its headquarters is situated in Beijing. The brand is a well-known name in the industry for several tech products and gadgets.

The list starts from the smartphone through home appliances to several kinds of consumer electronics.

Mi also produces different security products that include CCTV cameras with different specifications.

Now, this Mi 360°  1080 Full HD smart security camera from the brand is one of the most trusted CCTV cameras in India.

This cute looking small camera has a head equipped with two motors that help it rotate in any direction and capture anything happening around it.

However, the motors are very silent and smooth while rotating because of the shockproof design.

Vertically, it can capture 96° of the things around it, and in horizontal rotation, it can capture a full 360° direction.

You can see a full-color palette even in low light circumstances because of the all-new low-light true color technology used in the device. So that it will not revert into black and white imaging like any other cameras.

A software that can connect the camera with the network 24 x 7 alongside the integration of deep learning technology with focused optimization of algorithms can accurately determine the moment to alert you through notifications.

Moreover, it works with a two-way talking feature through which you can talk with your family like a video call without any extra devices.

The storage is also big to store up to 64 GB of Full HD video in it. Besides, you can install it upright or inverted as your preference.

After all, you don’t have to exit screen after screen to view all your areas having the Mi cameras. All your camera visuals can be seen easily in one place.

The picture-in-picture technology in this device allows you to view important things like a sleeping baby on a small screen on the same page where you are doing other works.

  • Night mode recording without losing color
  • Multiple users can watch high-clarity visuals at the same time.
  • Two-way communication makes it useful for different things
  • 1080 HD videos can be recorded and saved in itself without the Internet.
  • No internal power source, so you may have to use a constant power source if you don’t want to interrupt the recording
  • Autorotation feature is not in this device, so the user must do it manually with the smartphone application.

2. Qubo 1080p Full HD Smart CCTV Camera

Qubo 1080p Full HD Smart CCTV CameraQubo is a special brand for smart indoor devices that are manufactured by Hero Electronix.

In this Qubo list, there are different devices like smart gas sensors, smoke sensors, door or window sensors, along with the CCTV camera devices.

All products from Qubo can be accessed from all major e-commerce sites and retail shops across the country.

Hero group launched these special Qubo products accelerated the growth of security systems from other well-known brands such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc.

After all, let me get into this Qubo smart security camera with all the features you seek on all smart CCTV cameras available at a very affordable price range.

It is equipped with a 110° ultra-wide lens that will give you the whole area with high image quality and superior color accuracy.

Besides, the two-way communication capability of the device opens a vast range of possibilities in different circumstances. And it has an echo-cancellation technique that helps to give clear audio output.

The ultra-clear night vision used in the Qubo smart security camera is possible because of the 3-micron pixel size configuration, and it gives crystal clear images even at night.

It will notify you of the important movements, like a person or things. And it will not notify you after filtering all the unnecessary motions.

Besides, the built-in alarm system makes it easy for us to avoid the need to buy extra-alarm systems for sound alerts. The camera will ring a siren suddenly after detecting motions.

Moreover, you can select special regions where your valuables are stored. So, it will give special importance to those areas and the activities happening near it.

Heavy rain or dust storm does not matter that it can stand any weather with the IP65 weather-resistant tech used for this device.

After all, it can work with other smart home accessories like Alexa through voice commands so that you can control any Qubo camera from anywhere in the house.

  • It has free cloud storage for two months, which can be extended by charges.
  • You can use a memory card of up to 128 GB to store videos along with the internal memory.
  • Waterproof so that it can be placed anywhere you wish, which includes outdoor or indoor.
  • The charge for extending cloud storage is a bit expensive.

3. D3D Ultra HD 360° Smart CCTV Camera

D3D Ultra HD 360° Smart CCTV CameraD3D brand is a well-established company in the security system market. The group is a globally leading brand that includes video surveillance, intruder detection, access control, and other security services.

Besides, the brand manufacture some of the best quality products and devices. And many government establishments and high-security buildings use D3D systems to keep their valuables safe.

This Ultra HD smart camera has everything that you needed with a CCTV camera and more.

The smart artificial intelligence tech used in the device allows you to connect it with Alexa or google smart assistance and can be controlled from wherever you need.

Deep Neural Network technology used in the product will identify the human face and give you real-time visuals with great quality.

Besides, it is also equipped with an advanced sound detection technic that will grasp minute sounds around it and give you a real-time notification. So, it can be safely used around your babies while they are alone on their bed.

It has a unique feature through which you can use it to connect all the smart devices in the house to make the home smart.

The artificial intelligence system is advanced in this device that it can rotate itself after detecting the motions happening and record everything in all directions and can be saved in a memory card.

Infrared tech can identify the light circumstances around it and switch between day and night mode, which gives a crisp and clear visual at all circumstances up to 35 feet distance.

Cloud storage and memory card storage options are available with this device so that you can access the visuals from anywhere you need it.

Besides, the two-way audio makes it reliable in any condition that needs sound, such as video conferencing in realtime with your loved ones without any noise disturbance in the surroundings.

This camera's 8x zooming ability is another perk that works in all 360-degree directions horizontally and in 120 degrees in vertical rotation, and it happens without any blind angles.

After all, it has additional sensors that can be placed in several regions where the camera's eyes can reach. All these sensors work together to catch every motion that happens in the region and notify you.

A fully wireless camera can be fitted anywhere you prefer, even on a wall or the tabletop in your room.

  • Motion detection can be done more precisely using extra sensors.
  • Very easy to install, and it is wireless.
  • A high-quality camera and mic are available for all two-way communications.
  • Cloud storage support is available.
  • Cloud storage usage may be expensive for a normal user who does not need much storage space or accessibility to the storage anytime, anywhere.

4. Tp-Link Smart CCTV Camera

Tp-Link Smart CCTV CameraTp-Link is a globally known manufacturer of networking devices and other accessories that was founded in 1996. This brand produces almost every gadget you may need every day.

All the products from Tp-Link are known for quality and heritage for durability alongside value. It is a Chinese company named in the reference of "Twisted Pair Link."

After all, Tp-Link is a lifestyle-oriented brand that also makes all security-related devices, including CCTV cameras.

This is a CCTV camera from TP-Link that can be used for all your home or business-related security needs.

First of all, this camera is very easy to install and setup for surveillance purposes. Smooth pan and tilt are possible in 360-degree in horizontal rotation and 114-degree in vertical range.

Every detail is apparent in any light circumstance that the camera is working in. It will give 1080p HD definition video footage even at night with the advanced night-view.

It has a visual distance of 32 feet. Besides, it can store videos in an external memory card of up to 128 GB in size.

Motion detection is integrated into the device to help you by notifications if the sensors have noted any kind of movements.

Two communication through voice is also possible in this camera, making it useful for different things and situations. Besides, the trigger lights and in-built alarm system can frighten thieves and other intruders easily.

The surveillance can be shut down by activating privacy mode, and all the videos can be shared straight from the application to your social media and other messaging platforms.

  • Automatically connect to a previously used Wi-Fi connection after a power failure.
  • It does not need the Internet all time, it will record on an SD card.
  • The videos can be saved to your phone through the application.
  • Two-way communication is possible in this device.
  • No cloud storage system is available, so all storage-based things work from your own hands.

5. Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera and HD DVR Kit

Hikvision Full HD CCTV Camera and HD DVR KitHikvision is known as one of the trusted suppliers of surveillance equipment for civilian and military purposes. It is a Chinese brand headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

This company's core competency is video surveillance, and 8% of the brand's annual revenue is used for security-based research with an employee number large as 40,403.

So, the quality and the service from this company on its surveillance equipment ensure all the security and services you seek.

When it comes to this Full HD CCTV Camera and HD DVR kit from Hikvision, this has the latest technology that can be found in all these products. It does not need technical people to install any of the products in the kit.

It is compatible with both HDMI and VGA monitors and is very easy to install. Besides, the IVMS-4200 software makes it easy to monitor the visuals through PC and laptops.

Moreover, all the visuals can also be watched through an Ethernet or LAN connection.

Cloud connectivity is possible with this product that gives the availability of the visuals anywhere you need. And the cloud storage of Hikvision on the Internet is named Hik-Connect.

Both Android and Apple applications are available for smartphones that will allow configuration settings and other cloud accessibility from anywhere you desire.

  • A whole set of surveillance system that can be used 24 x 7
  • A Cloud storage system is available for remote accessibility of the visuals.
  • All kinds of monitors are compatible with this CCTV camera system.
  • One of the best products that can be used for 24-hour surveillance.
  • Picture quality is not the best when compared to other smart camera systems
  • It has a wired connection between the DVR and the cameras, so it needs some cable management to avoid the mess.

6. Zebronics ZEB-HA2NW10M-PT-HYB CCTV Camera

Zebronics ZEB-HA2NW10M-PT-HYB CCTV CameraMost Indian people, especially those familiar with technical devices, always see some of the products from Zebronics wherever they work.

It is an Indian brand founded in 1997 in  Chennai and is well-known for different devices, including IT/Gaming peripherals, Mobile/Lifestyle accessories, Power solutions, healthcare s& surveillance solutions, etc.

Products from Zebronics are very much affordable and are durable with great design. Besides, the brand is also considered the best CCTV camera company because of its quality.

This Zebronics ZEB-HA2NW10M-PT-HYB model smart CCTV camera has all the advanced features you need in a smart security camera system.

Advanced motion tracking feature can automatically detect and track every motion happen from the viewpoint of the camera. Then it will notify you through the mobile application on your smartphone.

Built-in mic and speakers allow the user to do two-way communication that makes it useable in any kind of circumstances, such as talking in realtime between you and your loved ones from different locations.

Every corner of your room can be covered with the help of this camera's pan, tilt, and zoom abilities, and all the movements can be monitored through your smartphone application.

This Plug & Play model smart CCTV camera is straightforward to install, and it has memory card compatibility in the storage settings. Besides, smart compression technology reduces the quality of the high-quality video to save storage space.

10 meter IR range will give you accurate visuals, even in the dark at a considerable distance.

  • Easy to install and connect at any place you need it.
  • The rotations are motorized that can be monitored from your phone.
  • Automatically detects motions with no failure.
  • Card compatibility and premium cloud storage are available.
  • Cloud storage premium is a bit expensive.
  • Live images may delay for 2 or 3 seconds when you are on mobile data.

7. D3D Ultra HD D8810 CCTV Camera

D3D Ultra HD D8810 CCTV CameraD3D is considered in the top CCTV camera brands because of all the products they manufacture with quality.

This one is another from the list of different CCTV camera models they make in D3D with all the features you seek on a smart camera.

First of all, the in-built microphone and speaker makes it possible to do two-way interaction such as a live video call with your visitor or your loved ones from wherever you are at.

The infrared lights provide clear 1080p images even in the dark with a distance of up to 32 meters, and this IP camera is powered by 20 megapixels.

Multiple ways can be used to store the video files that include cloud storage, memory card, or in your smartphone using the application.

Multiple users can use one account to view live videos simultaneously so that everyone can keep an I on your important things or assets.

Moreover, you can connect this camera with a wired or wireless network yourself without any technicians' help.

The 360-degree viewing angle will capture everything that happens around the camera in which the camera has a pan angle of 360-degree and a tilt angle of 90-degree.

It has an in-built PIR sensor that can detect any motion and send real-time alerts into the user's smartphone who has the account connected.

Besides, a digital zooming feature is included in the device that will note distort its visuals while in the zoomed mode. And it does not have blind spots in any direction of the viewpoint.

  • Installation and setup of this wireless camera are very simple.
  • Videos can be accessed through your smartphone.
  • It will detect any motions happening around the viewpoint of the lens.
  • There is no other way than one app provided by the manufacturer to access the videos.
  • It does not have much media player options like fast forward.

8. ThinkValue HD IP CCTV Camera

ThinkValue HD IP CCTV CameraThinkValue is a private company founded in 2006 and has the nature of business as a wholesale trader.

A small company that became one of India's best CCTV camera brands is, of course, because there is some potential within this company and its employees.

It does not have decades of the story to tell, but the quality of the products they release in the market got them an irreplaceable name in the industry.

First of all, this High-Definition camera can give crystal clear videos with a 720p resolution and wide dynamic range even at night in an area with distant backgrounds.

Besides, every corner of the room can be captured with the help of the camera's dual-motor design with a 355-degree horizontal view and a vertical view of 120-degree.

You can access live visuals from anywhere you need it. The device can be configured according to your preference that either you can make it record videos all the time or set it to record videos while it detects any motions.

You can talk back through the camera itself with the person at the receiver with the help of an in-built mic and speaker.

All the files can be stored either in your phone, or you can add up to 128 GB memory card in it.

  • You can store videos in different mediums, including SD card, cloud storage, or on your personal devices.
  • IR night vision gives you some of the best visuals possible in the darkest night.
  • The dual-motor setup will not miss any regions from your room in the video.
  • Cloud storage extension may be a little expensive.

9. Dahua 1080p Bullet CCTV Camera

Dahua 1080p Bullet CCTV CameraDahua Technology is a trading company founded in 2001 based in Hangzhou, and the products they manufacture are mainly based on video surveillance products and services.

The company founded by Fu Liquan is now working in over 180 countries and providing services all over different continents, including Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, etc.

Moreover, this company makes some of the best CCTV cameras in the market with the high built quality and durable cameras and other surveillance tools.

It has different storage options, including an external memory card and HD card support, and it can be interchanged between the storage modes using the application.

Besides, the camera has a 3.6mm fixed lens in it, and a 6mm lens is optional if you need it. The IP67 makes it useable in any weather, even if it's heavy rain or an ultra-sunny day.

You can access the live visuals from wherever you are through a coaxial cable connection with the help of the OSD menu.

However, this one is not a smart device that it needs to be used with your other camera network system in the building as a replacement to an old camera or during an extension of the whole network.

  • High-quality videos are possible even at night with the help of an infrared system.
  • Multiple storage modes can be used to store the visuals captured through this camera.
  • Not a smart device; instead, it works with a CCTV camera network or individually with coaxial cables.
  • It is a stationary mode device that cannot be moved much after fitting to the wall.

10. Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro HD Smart CCTV Camera

Conbre MultipleXR2 Pro HD Smart CCTV CameraConbre is an Indian company that is well-known for its Unic projector supplies all over the country and other services.

Besides, they are also known for other high-quality products distributed all over the country, and the service made them one of the best CCTV brands in India.

This smart CCTV camera from the Conbre brand is all you need as a security camera for your house, garage, or office needs.

The two-way audio conversation is possible because of the in-built speaker and the mic in the device so that you can talk with your loved ones without doing many things like calling.

It gives you the freedom to do whatever you like to do with your security camera, such as smart home control, baby security, other sensors in the house, etc.

Moreover, it can be controlled through the iPhone OS or Android system. Every movement can also be controlled remotely through the smartphone and applications.

Instant real-time alerts will be given to you whenever it detects some motions in the surroundings.

The connectivity of this camera can be done using a wireless network or through a LAN cable connection.

Besides, this camera's viewing angle is a 120-degree wide-angle that can include almost everything available in one direction.

  • Plug and Play type configuration makes it easy to connect it with other smart devices or to your home.
  • Both day and night visions are crystal clear with this camera.
  • All smart devices can be connected with this smart camera that opens several possibilities of usage.
  • No cloud storage system is available for storage, and the external memory card capacity is only up to 64 GB.

11. CP Plus Astra HD 4 Channel DVR CCTV Camera System

CP Plus Astra HD 4 Channel DVR CCTV Camera SystemCP Plus is a well-established company globally known for high-quality electronic security products that have its presence in over 70 countries.

The headquarters of this company is in Hamburg, Germany, and it manufactures some of the versatile and robust security systems in the market.

After all, the dealership of CP Plus in India is also known for distributing high-quality products and services. That made it one of the best CCTV camera brands in India.

This is a whole system that includes Micro cable bundles, DVR, and other peripherals that are needed for the installation of this CCTV camera.

A DVR system available in the pack is responsible for channeling the server into different cameras placed at different corners of the home or office.

It has video output in VGA and HDMI in which the videos can be saved in your hard disk of up to 8 TB storage. One SATA port is available for the hard disk connectivity.

Besides, it has other ports like 2 USB ports too. The mobile application for this system is the cMOB-20, and the CMS Software is RVMS Pro.

After all, this Astra HD cam has a 2.4MP IR Dome and Bullet camera that will give you 1080p high-quality videos when it comes to the camera.

The IR range is 20 meter, and the IR LEDs gives clear visuals at any light circumstances. Moreover, this camera's IP66 weatherproof tach makes it apt for any weather conditions, including heavy rains or sunlight.

  • It is a whole set of CCTV system so that the camera quality is great.
  • The storage capability of this system is great and has different levels of possibilities.
  • Picture quality day and night is great.
  • The built quality of accessories is not that great because of the low price tag.
  • You may need a technician to install the whole system if you are unfamiliar with these things.

Best CCTV Camera Brand in India: Buying Guide

Even though CCTV cameras are not a part of everyone's life but most people love these things, and some of them even buy them to make their places look more "authentic."

Whatever the need is, it is always important to get the best product, even if it is just fun. So here are some points that you may give some attention to before going after a CCTV brand.

Storage System

There are different types of storage facilities available within a CCTV camera. Most of them nowadays have the ability to store everything in cloud storage.

Besides, the storage possibilities for a CCTV camera system also include hard disk storage, SD card, phone, and all kind of storage that you prefer.

You have to select a CCTV camera according to the most accessible storage system to come up with for your security needs.

Movements and Viewing Angle

Most of the CCTV camera brands manufacture their latest products with hardware that can rotate horizontally and vertically.

And it helps the device to change the viewing angle by pan and tilt of the camera. They are also available in manual and automatic rotation features.

However, cameras are not as rotatable as all those smart devices to be used in a fixed direction.

Consider the situations and areas that you may use the camera and select the right one.

Image Quality

There no need for an explanation for the importance of the image quality in a camera. It is more important when it comes to CCTV cameras.

It is because the image needs clarity when you need to examine the visuals thoroughly. Most CCTV cameras are equipped with 720p and 1080p.

You can select different megapixels and resolution options according to the storage facilities you have and your network connection speed.

Because if you have no sufficient space. Then storing will become impossible, and if the network speed is not enough, then the remote accessibility of the visuals becomes a big problem.


You can either select a CCTV camera system with all the basic sensors to detect motion or sound to alert when it does the work.

But everything comes with a price. A camera with high-quality motion and sound sensors are costly.

Although the new smart cameras are capable of doing all these things at basic level security, you can get them at an affordable price.

But for a large scale CCTV network system for your business, you may have to go for premium products.

Built Quality and The Ease of Use

CCTV cameras with high built-quality must be expensive so that you may have to impress yourself with the quality it has when it is much affordable.

The weather resisting ability of the camera depends on the material it uses, and it is important if you are looking forward to installing the camera somewhere outdoor.


Here this article detailed the best CCTV camera brand in India and listed some of the top products.

It is becoming important to have something extra other than the human eye to look after your valuables and beloved ones.

After all, now it is not a surprise to see a CCTV camera anywhere you go because it became an important lifestyle application for most people.

So, you can go to the best product after considering all the things mentioned above in this article.

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